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Division of Disability and Aging Services Units

  • Director's Office
    The DDAS Director's Office provides overall direction and leadership to the four units within the Division. The Director's Office is responsible for budget development, legislative work, public information, interdepartmental relations, policy and program direction.
  • Adult Services Division
    The Adult Services Division administers programs that provide individualized services and supports to older Vermonter’s who have long term care needs, people with physical disabilities who need assistance in or out of their home.
  • Data and Planning Unit
    The Data and Planning Unit supports other DDAS units in collecting and using data and information for program management, performance and outcome indicators, quality improvement, federally-required and other national reporting and service planning. The unit also supports internal and external planning activities.
  • Developmental Disabilities and Children's Services Unit
    The Developmental and Children's Services Unit develops, plans and administers developmental disabilities services.  The unit is also responsible for providing technical assistance, improving and ensuring the quality of services through provider reviews and designation; and supporting Green Mountain Self Advocates and adults who have a traumatic brain injury.
  • Office of Public Guardian
    The Office of Public Guardianship, acting under court authority, provides public guardianship where there is no friend or family member to serve as guardian, and the individual needs a public guardian to protect his or her rights or welfare.