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Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Program


The Traumatic Brain Injury Program diverts and/or returns Vermonters, with a moderate to severe traumatic brain injury, from hospitals and facilities to a community-based setting. This is a rehabilitation-based, choice-driven program intended to support individuals to achieve their optimum independence and help them return to work.

In 1991, the Department of Aging and Disabilities and the Department of Social Welfare began the operation of a three-year pilot project offering community-based rehabilitative services. The goal of this program was to divert from placement and/or return Vermonters with a moderate to severe traumatic brain injury from out-of-state facilities. Prior to the development of this service, individuals where placed in expensive out of state facilities, often there for years, with little hope of returning to their home communities. The project demonstrated that individuals with a moderate to severe traumatic brain injury participating in the pilot were appropriately served in community placements.




Services Include

Traumatic Brain Injury Program offers the following services:

  • Case Management
    Coordination, design, development, and management of comprehensive services provided to the survivor, as indicated by the individual service plan utilizing a "Team Approach," with professionals experienced in brain injury.
  • Rehabilitation Services
    Emphasizes the continuous, integrative practice of daily skills and routines in the individual's residential and community setting based on physical, cognitive, emotional and social needs of the individual through a holistic approach.
  • Community Supports
    - Provides 24-hour or round-the-clock care and supervision by a caregiver in a family setting, group home, supervised apartment, or in the individual's own home.
    - Assists the individual to become more self-sufficient.
  • Environmental and Assistive Technology
    Promotes functional independence. Examples include: ramps, Lifeline, fitness programs, grab bars, tape recorders, communication systems.
  • Crisis Support
    Short-term services available to assist an individual with a brain injury resolve behavioral or emotional crisis safely in their community. Includes 24-hour professional one-to-one staffing and case management services.
  • Respite
    Provides 24-hour care and supervision up to 25 days per year to maximize the effectiveness of the residential program.
  • Employment Supports
    Assists and individual with traumatic brain injury obtain and maintain employment in regular work settings. Employment supports include activities needed to access employment, such as assessment, job development, supervision, and training.
  • Special Needs (ongoing long-term services)
    Individuals requiring continued intensive one-to-one community supports may qualify for ongoing long-term services.

Program Note: Room and board is not covered through the TBI Waiver Program. The provider agency and the prospective client are responsible for coordinating this item.


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To be eligible for Traumatic Brain Injury Program the person must:

  • Be a Vermont Resident
  • People age 16 or older diagnosed with a moderate to severe brain injury.
  • Recipients of traditional and/or long term Vermont Medicaid.
  • Diagnosed with a documented recent moderate to severe brain injury resulting in residual deficits and disability.
  • Individuals must demonstrate the ability to benefit from rehabilitation and a potential for independent living.
  • Requires 1:1 instruction focusing on independent living.
  • Demonstrates a potential for independent living and possibility of returning to vocational activities.


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Applying for Services

Complete a TBI Application:


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Providers of Services


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Program Contacts

For information about Traumatic Brain Injury Program:

  • Traumatic Brain Injury Program: (802) 786-2516
  • Medicaid Waiver Manager: (802) 786-2516
  • TBI Program Supervisor: (802) 786-2516 

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Policies and Guidelines

Listing of Traumatic Brain Injury Program Policies and Guidelines:

  • TBI Provider Manual Section VIII: Training Components; Modules & Workbooks


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Traumatic Brain Injury Program Publications

  • DAIL-DDAS Service Codes and Rates
    Service Codes and Rates for all DAIL-DDAS services, includes Choices for Care, Adult Day services, Traumatic Brain Injury and Developmental Disabilities Services, Children's Personal Care and High Technology Home Care, and services for Older Vermonters.
  • Statewide Action Plan for Vermonters with TBI and Their Families
    The Action Plan is organized around four content areas that were identified as high priorities by the needs assessment: Education and Awareness, Collection of Data about TBI Incidence and Prevalence, Enhancement of Services, and Expansion and Improvement of Key Supports. The Action Plan is intended to be a dynamic document that will evolve over time with the development of a comprehensive system of TBI services and supports in Vermont.
  • TBI 2003 Needs Assessment Report
    In 2001, Vermont was awarded a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Planning Grant from the Federal Health Resources and Services Administration, Maternal and Child Health Bureau, to conduct an assessment of the needs of individuals with TBI and their families and to develop a plan for a comprehensive statewide system of services to address those needs. This report is the results of the “needs assessment” surveys.
  • TBI Waiver 2002 Report
    Vermont’s Traumatic Brain Injury Waiver Program successfully diverted and/or returned Vermonters with traumatic brain injury from placement in out-of-state facilities. This report gives Vermont vs. National Statistics and much more information.


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Traumatic Brain Injury Program Forms


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Boards and Committees

Traumatic Brain Injury Program Boards and Committees

  • TBI Advisory Board
    The TBI Advisory Board consists of 20-25 members including providers, advocates, and state agency representatives. The board also includes individuals with TBI and family members.
  • TBI Steering Committee
    The role of the Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Steering Committee is to act as the working group of the Advisory Board. The Steering Committee is composed of TBI Program Staff and Advisory Board members from the Department of Health-Division of Children with Special Health Needs, Brain Injury Association of Vermont, Vermont Center for Independent Living (VCIL), Disabilities Rights Vermont, and an individual with TBI.


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Training, Conferences and Events Calendar


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Other Resources

Listing of Other Traumatic Brain Injury Resources.


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