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Voluntary Guardianship

Any person of at least 18 years of age, who desires assistance with the management of his or her affairs, may file a petition with the Vermont Superior Court Probate Division requesting the appointment of a guardian. The petition shall state that the petitioner understands the nature, extent, and consequences of the guardianship; specify which of the powers the petitioner request to be appointed guardian and specify which individual the petitioner requests to be appointed guardian. 

Additional information about voluntary guardianship is available from the local probate division court.

The following forms for Voluntary Guardianship are available on line or at the Superior Court Probate Division. (You will need all three forms):

Petition to Appoint Guardian for an Adult (Voluntary) PAG74 

Statement of Assets and Income (Probate Court Form PG72)

List of Interested Persons (Probate Court Form PG73)