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Vermont Communication Task Force (VCTF)

The purpose of the VCTF is to improve supports for communication primarily for transition age students and adults with developmental disabilities so that they can communicate more effectively in order to participate more fully in community life, make decisions and better advocate for themselves. The Task Force provides information, education, training and resources to people with disabilities, family members, service providers and community members.


Information and Resources

    An annotated guide to communication resources, including basic information on Augmentative and Alternative Communication(AAC).  The guide provides some excellent guidance to help get started or advance work already being done.
    A funding guide to help people who are eligible follow the Medicaid process to obtain a communication  evaluation and a communication device/system. Includes newly covered mobile devices (e.g., iPads)."


Making Communication Happen Worldwide Conference - October 26, 2010


 Meeting Schedule, and Minutes

  • The VCTF meets on a quarterly basis or more frequently as needed.
  • Minutes of meetings can be obtained by contacting the Division of Developmental Disability and Aging Services at 802-871-3050.


Contact Information

June Bascom, Program Devel. and Policy Analyst, Division of Disability and Aging Services
Phone: 802-241-0352


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